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The village of Bystřice

Bystřice Bystřice lies on the confluence of the rivers Olše, Hluchová and Kopytná. It is situated on important traffic junctions, 5km far from the town Třinec. It has a total surface area of 16 sqkm and more than 5 thousand inhabitants. The village is surrounded by the Beskydy mountains - Čantoryje, Javorový, Ostrý and Kozubová.
The village was founded in the second half of 14th century as the Prince´s settlement. However, the first historic report dates back to 4th of May 1423. The village development was influenced mainly by farming, pasturage and lately by the nearby Třinec ironworks. Bystřice is partly located in narrow valleys under the mountains. Most residential buildings come from 19th and 20th century. The original wooden houses in Paseky settlement were transformed into holiday cottages during past few years.
Katolický kostelLandmarks of Bystřice are represented by two churches which are part of the national cultural heritage. Beautiful wooden catholic church of Holy Crucifix Ascension (a part of the altaroriginates to 16th century). The evangelical church was built in 1811 (the church tower after 1848). School building of St. Hadyna with Polish teaching language was built in 1898, the building of Czech primary school was built in 1927.
DPSBystřice has its own cable television network and regular broadcasting of the programme Minutes in Bystřice. There is also large infrastructure available in the village. In 2011 the biggest investment in the environment was finished. It was the construction of sewerage system and a new sewage treatment plant. Also, a new retirement home with nursing care was built - it can house 70 pensioners.
Nowadays Bystřice has a rich social life. The annual events are May Bean Feast, The Day of Bystřice Village, Meeting Saint Nicholas, Midsummer Night Folk Festival and so on. A local cinema is also available as a hall for other cultural and social events.
There is a number of clubs organised by our citizens. Traditionally the most active clubs are gardeners, pigeon breeders, beekeepers, hunters and fishermen. Citizens of Polish nationality join the organisation PZKO which runs lovely premises in K. Sliwka´s park where a lot of cultural events take place.
Hřiště u školy Both village citizens and visitors can use a wide range of sports facilities. There are two grass pitches for football club, a sports gym for floorball club, a swimming pool for public, swimming school and pentathlon club. One of the latest free time activity buildings is an indoor riding-school for horse riders.
In 1999 construction of Czech and Polish primary schools was finished including a gym and a sports hall with international qualifications for handball. There are two squash courts, sauna, solarium, massages and a snack bar. Since 2002 an indoor swimming pool with attractions is available for the general public. The outdoor playground is equipped with synthetical running track and a pitch with synthetical grass.
Svatojánský festivalTwo folklore groups keep folk traditions alive performing in the village as well as in the neighbourhood. School choir Crescendo represents Bystřice at home and abroad. The municipal authority emphasizes youth free time activities. Children and Youth Centre organizes 34 after school clubs. There is also a library in Bystřice wich among other things provides the internet access and meetings with interesting authors.
The Hluchová river which springs under the mountain Stožek has such a clear water that even trout and crayfish live there and you can watch really rare inhabitants - river otters, too. Six weirs were built on the river - here you can get refreshed in the summer. In Bystřice surroundings there are several interesting hiking trails.
Pohled z LoučkyIn the east there is a magnificent mountain Velká Čantoryje (994 mamsl) with a beautiful view of Wisla valley in Poland. If you go south from Paseky to Filipka (762 mamsl), Velký Stožek (978 mamsl) and Bahenec, you can finish this hiking trail in Písek or Jablunkov. In the west you can reach the Ostrý mountain (1044 mamsl) from Kozinec or Košařiska, its ridge forms part of the Moravia – Silesian Beskydy mountains. All hiking trails are marked and suitable for hikers, bikers and cross-country skiers too.
On 1st January 2021 the number of inhabitants was 5 414.


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