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IMNFF - The International Midsummer Night Folklore Festival


The International Midsummer Night Folklore Festival is a part of the partnership project called “Back to our roots” where the municipal authority was the leading partner. Another partner was Goleszowski Ośrodek Kultury which prepared and completed projects “Folklore in regions” and “Goleszow feast” where members of folklore groups „Łączka “and „Bystrzyca" took part.

This project was cofinanced from the Funding - Microprojects of Euroregion Těšínské Slezsko - Śląsk Cieszyński: The Operational Programme of Cooperation beyond borders ČR-PR 2007-2013.

Description of the project „Back to our roots

Folklore customs and traditions have a long history in this region. However, they might be forgotten. Especially young people have little knowledge about the history of folklore, traditions and the region where they live. These customs, traditions and crafts (dropping wreaths into the river, jumping over the fire, the craft of coopers and potters etc.) represent so called roots which might be hidden but once we find them, we will discover their beauty.

These were the main reasons to submit the application for Microproject funding OPPS ČR-PR called “Back to our roots”. It was Project type A. The village of Bystřice was a leading partner. Another partner was GOK /Goleszowski Ośrodek Kultury/. Do you want to know why? The annual traditional event „Dni Goleszówa" takes place in Goleszów. Both partners would like to follow up these events with more mutual folklore projects to bring old customs, crafts and traditions to life again so that the audience could feel they become a part of cultural heritage in their region.

We should mention that Bystřice was not a beginner in this field. The project Midsummer Night Folklore Festival took place in 2008. At that time Visegrad funding of partner cooperation V-4. /Pińczów,Bystřice, Svodín, Tata/ helped a lot to cofinanced it.

Project realisation was smooth, nevertheless some problems could not be avoided. Bad weather during Midsummer Night Folklore Festival caused kind of disaster from organiser´s point of view.

This event took place in Bystřice on 22nd of June 2019. Main festival area was park PZKO near the Hluchová river.






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