Stable with a hurdle circuit

Modern Vitality Stable focuses on free time activities for kids and teenagers. Horse – riding club specializes in English and Western riding. Good tip for you is a joyride in a buggy.

Address: 739 95 Bystřice 1314

Phone: +420 734 150 972


Shooting and fencing range

These multifunctional facilities are part of sports complex at primary school Bystřice 848 where members of modern pentathlon club prepare for their competitions.

Address: 739 95 Bystřice 1314

Phone: +420 603 162 377


Tennis courts

In the village of Bystřice there are several tennis courts. Most of them are situated along the Hluchová river. The tennis courts in PZKO park are frequently visited, you can also find a tennis club here.


Football pitch

Football club members use two grass pitches. In the school playground there is a synthetical grass pitch and 200m long running track. This playground is open to public.

Address: 73995 Bystřice 1020


Sports halls and a gymnastics gym

The school area includes a sports complex with a sports hall and a gymnastics gym. Except for PE lessons the facilities are used for cultural and sports events such as dancing balls, concerts, Spring revue, competitions, volleyball tournaments and so on.

Address: 73995 Bystřice 848

Phone: +420 774 298 383


Indoor fitness gym

Children and Youth Centre provides a newly equipped fitness gym with two rooms – one for work out activities and the second one for aerobic activities. The first one is equipped with machines for different muscle groups, multifunctional tower and a set of free weights. The second one is equipped with running track, exercise bikes and steppers.

Monday: 10,00 - 20,00
Tuesday: 10,00 - 16,00, 17,30 - 20,00, 16,00 -17,30 closed for public
Wednesday: 10,00 - 20,00
Thursday: 10,00 - 16,00, 17,30 - 20,00, 16,00 -17,30 closed for public
Friday: 10,00 - 20,00
Sunday: 15,00 - 17,00

Address: 739 95 Bystřice 106
Phone: +420 558 995 275


Workout playground

Modern workout playground was opened in 2015.The facilities are available all year round, nowadays there is also a club with professional coaches. Due to the enormous demand the municipal authority prepares enlargement of this playground (both place and equipment).


Climbing wall

Brand new sports facility. Climbing on a small several meters high wall without belaying. Foam ground under the wall absorbs possible jumping and falling. It is a modern after school activity developing positive attitude to nature, building friendship, strong will and strong mind.