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Chivalrous trail Čantoryje

Educational Chivalrous Trail Velká Čantoryje (995 m)

Set out on a trip following old tales that tell the story about hidden army of knights inside the mountain. They are prepared to help the local region in the times of danger.

You can learn many more interesting facts on this 10 km long educational trail. For example who Jiří Třanovský was, how people lived in the region around Čantoryje mountain that also enables magnificent view to Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The second part of the trail is prepared for you on the Polish side of Velká Čantoryje where you can get i. e. by the cable from the city of Ustroń.

Description of a route.

It starts in Nýdek square where you can find the first information board with the plan of trail. You will set out on a trip following green-white mark which follows red tourist marking. After 1,5 km you will get to the second stop by the mountain spring. Then you will go uphill past the Třanovský monument until you reach the fourth stop near the nature reserve Čantoryje. After that is the last steep ascent towards the chalet on Malá Čantoryje. You will reach the lookout tower on the top of Velká Čantoryje following the comfortable 0,5 km path. There you can get some refreshment.

You will then go 0,6 km downhill along international Czech-Polish route. On the crossroads you will turn right. You will join the forest path that leads through a beech wood and there you will learn more interesting facts about nature and the life of people in the footpath of the mountain. After 20 – 30 min. you will come to the spring again where the educational circle ends. You will finish your trip on the Nýdek square where you started.

When being there don't forget to visit historical lime kilns in Vendryně. They give report of one of the stages in iron production.


by car → from E75 road direction Český Těšín > Třinec > Jablunkov > Mosty u Jablunkova, turn left in Bystřice in Nýdek direction.In the centre of Nýdek is the car park with the beginning of the educational trail.
by train, bus – from train station Bystřice nad Olší by bus to Nýdek


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