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Educational trail Loučka

  • Educational trail Loučka

The village Bystřice brought its first educational trail in 2012. The name of the trail Loučka is in fact the name of the only hilltop which is situated in our land register. This hill dominates the village from the north-east side where a borderline between Bystřice and Nýdek runs.

The footpath,subsidized by the Moravian-Silesian Region, begins in the quarter Paseky Koliba where the first standpoint appears. Here visitors get to know some information about the origins of Těšín Beskydy. The second standpoint is near former basic school and is concentrated on people who colonized and lived here. At the entering of a very impressive beech forest the third standpoint can be found. There are information about fauna in this part of Beskydy. The fourth standpoint is located at the end of the beech forest before entering a large foothill juniper meadow. The information written here are about local flora. The last standpoint is on the top of the hill up on high 835 m. Visitors have a wonderful view of the valley where Bystřice and also further Třinec is located. The whole valley is surrounded by Beskydy mountains. The panoramic picture indicating each peak enables better orientation. Each standpoint is made of wood and built in a traditional way – join together by wooden pegs – and the roof is covered with shingles. Beech benches anchored to stones are in service for a rest for tourists. Small stones are spread about every standpoint. Those stones were gathered by local people from their foothill fields. This refers to hard work of the farmers in Beskydy.


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