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Lime kilns

Vendryně lime kilns

The emergence of these lime kilns dates back to the early 19th century, when it was carried out detailed geological survey of the Carpathian slopes . Deposits of iron ore for the needs of the local ironworks were found.
In the area of the municipality of Vendryně first ore was mined for Ironworks in Ustron and later for the newly established steelworks in Třinec. At that time mining of limestone also started. It was mined in Vendryně in 3 quarries and was fired in 2 kilns, in the local dialect called "wopienky". For surrounding users were in operation after 1895, when the extraction of iron ore was finished for its low yield.
Furnaces were repaired during the operation in a very primitive way - both by walling system and to maintain the stability of steel bandages and supports. Lime kilns operation definitively ended in 1965. Lime kilns operation definitively ended in 1965. At that time extraction in adjacent limestone quarries was terminated. remained in its place-and thanks to the significant contribution of the Ministry for Regional Development the kilns were repaired and preserved in their present form, in order to serve as a reminder for future generations.


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