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Beauties of Vendryně nature

Educational trail „Beauties of Vendryně nature“

The educational trail will guide you through the beauties of the varied Vendryně nature. Localization in the three geomorphological units accompanied by a difference in natural geological conditions, soil and climatic sphere, which in turn makes enticing variety of vegetation formations with interesting flora and fauna. Spatial differentiation and elevation also determines the scenic landscape perspectives.

Description of the trail.

Both parts start at the Vendryně train station

Both parts of the trails start at the train station Vendryně.
First (approx. 10 km) 
 leads from the railway station Vendryně to the village center, the church, from there on in parallel with the green tourist track (TT) along the local landscape. Then it splits, so that it forms a circular route and goes around the first known lime kilns, where it splits again from green TT and leads almost on the border with Poland under Wrózna peak (571 m), there is about 1.4 kilometers parallel with red TT and then disconnects and goes back to the centre and back to the train station.

Second (22 km) 
 This also starts from the railway station Vendryně, but it leads to the opposite side, also mainly goes parallel with marked tourist markings. First it will lead you to the local area Rybořovice, across the river Olše, further into the Zaolší where it splits (to form a circular route again). It continues with blue TT along the forest road below the hill Zdar at a crossroads, where it connects with the green TT, which goes under Ostrý (1044 m) to the crossroads Ostrý - chalet, where it connects to the yellow TT back to Vendryně.

If you follow yellow to the west (there is no need to worry, there is a signpost), then after 2 km you get to Ostrý cottage, which is known Beskydy cottage and you can get refreshments. Then you can go back to the crossroads Ostrý - chalet and go along marked educational trail, parallel to the yellow to Zaolší and down to the train. station.

Height differences are not very big anywhere. The trail often follows the hiking trails and bicycle paths and encourages cognitive wandering outside your own route.



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